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Battlefield 2042 news and interesting facts

Hate and Failure - Battlefield 2042's Numbers in One Picture

hexx0, 24 January 2022, 15:28

Electronic Arts certainly wished the premiere of Battlefield 2042 to be a high-profile event. And that's exactly what happened, though it's probably not the sort of publicity the company dreamed of.

Zombie Mode Removed From Battlefield 2042 Mere Day After Introduction

mokosh, 24 January 2022, 12:40

Battlefield 2042's problems and slip-ups continue. This time, DICE introduced a mode that worked as a machine for earning experience. Oddly, it was almost immediately pulled from the game.

Battlefield 2042 Could Switch to F2P, Claims Prominent Leaker

Adrian Werner, 21 January 2022, 14:26

Reports have surfaced online that Electronic Arts is considering switching Battlefield 2042 to some form of free-to-play model as a way to save the game.

Cheat Creator Ceases His 'Support' for Battlefield 2042

Maycuzai, 13 January 2022, 20:58

It seems that the poor performance of Battlefield 2042 prevents cheats from working properly. A hacker announced he'll stop selling cross software two months after the game's release.

Battlefield 2042's Reddit Too Toxic? Players Outraged by Moderators’ Warning

Entelarmer, 08 January 2022, 23:00

The Battlefield 2042's Reddit may be temporarily shut down, allegedly due to toxic behavior. The users don't believe the moderators.

'Brutal' Expectations and Removal of Rush - Battlefield 2042 Fans Complain

Entelarmer, 07 January 2022, 13:38

The creators of Battlefield 2042 have recently lost a lot of fan sympathy. First, players were upset by the mention of their 'brutal' expectations, and later the devs removed the Rush mode from Battlefield Portal.

Clownfield 2042 Failed to Hitch a Ride on BF2042's Problems

Maycuzai, 03 January 2022, 12:45

Released a few days ago, online shooter Clownfield 2042 parodies Battlefield 2042. Despite very favorable reviews from players, it failed to gain a huge community.

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Only in March? New Info From Data Miner

Przemyslaw Dygas, 21 December 2021, 12:32

For new content in Battlefield 2042 is not coming anytime soon. According to a data miner, the first season of the game will not start until March next year.

Battlefield 2042 Free Weekend - EA Does Everything It Can to Attract Players

mokosh, 17 December 2021, 13:18

Battlefield 2042 isn't doing too well. The game will be available on Steam for free this weekend. This move is supposed to convince new players to give EA's game a shot.

Special Event in Battlefield 2042; 64-player Conquest and Breakthrough

Przemyslaw Dygas, 15 December 2021, 11:03

Battlefield 2042 will soon receive new variants of classic game modes. They will appeal to those who do not like chaotic clashes of 128 players.

New Update for Battlefield 2042 Will Improve Hitboxes and More

ZieZie, 08 December 2021, 22:14

A new update for Battlefield 2042 is coming out on December 9, and it will be the last update of the year.

Tom Henderson on the Chaos of Battlefield 2042's Development

Adrian Werner, 08 December 2021, 11:44

Well-known insider Tom Henderson described the chaos that reigned during the development of Battlefield 2042. He also pointed out the reasons why the game failed.

Battlefield 2042 Lets You Repair Penguins

mokosh, 05 December 2021, 17:54

Battlefield 2042 is full of unpolished elements and is far from being a good game in the opinion of many players, but it also has... repairable penguins.

New Battlefield Could be a Hero Shooter in the Vein of of Overwatch or Apex Legends

Adrian Werner, 04 December 2021, 17:19

According to new rumors, the next installment of the Battlefield series will be a hero shooter, or a game in the vein of Overwatch or Apex Legends.

Battlefield 2042 Sold Over 4 Million Copies Within a Week

AlexB, 03 December 2021, 17:18

According to well-known journalist Tom Henderson, Battlefield 2042 sold 4.23 million copies in its first week after release. This result is better than titles like Battlefield 1, Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 4.

Cringy Santa Claus Coming to Battlefield 2042 [UPDATED]

Adrian Werner, 03 December 2021, 14:15

Battlefield 2042 will soon receive Christmas skins, including one that enables you to dress up as Santa Claus. Reactions to the new feature have been mostly negative.

EA Wants to Expand Battlefield Universe

Maycuzai, 03 December 2021, 11:32

We know who will be overseeing the development of the Battlefield series following Fawzi Mesmar's departure from EA DICE. Additionally, EA has shared plans to create a fully functioning universe for Battlefield with the help of Respawn Entertainment.

Battlefield 2042 Rapidly Losing Players; Update #3 Now Available

Entelarmer, 02 December 2021, 14:31

The new update for Battlefield 2042 is now available. Perhaps thanks to it Steam users will return to the title - most of them have abandoned DICE's work due to bugs and various shortcomings.

Big Update and Weekly Missions Coming to Battlefield 2042

Entelarmer, 01 December 2021, 22:09

Battlefield 2042 is about to receive a sizable patch and improvement package. Update #3 will also introduce weekly missions and new features in Battlefield Portal.

Battlefield 2042 Was to Have Much Better Environmental Destruction

Adrian Werner, 29 November 2021, 15:53

It turns out that initially Battlefield 2042 was to have a much more advanced system of environment destruction, allowing for, emong other things, demolition of skyscrapers. DICE abandoned this idea, however.

Crafty Player Brings Battle Royale to Battlefield 2042

hexx0, 26 November 2021, 19:48

By default, Battlefield 2042 does not offer the fan-favorite battle royale mode. One of them missed this gameplay variant so much in EA DICE's new shooter that, resorting to a few tricks, he created it in Battlefield Portal.

Battlefield 2042 Loses Head of Design After the Launch

Entelarmer, 25 November 2021, 13:44

Lead designer for Battlefield 2042 will soon part ways with EA DICE. Allegedly, this is not related to the post-release problems of his latest title.

DICE is Fixing Battlefield 2042; First Update Coming Tomorrow

Przemyslaw Dygas, 24 November 2021, 12:17

Battlefield 2042 developers have announced changes requested by players for a long time. Among other things, the spread of projectiles will be reduced.

Battlefield 2042 Sells Brilliantly on Steam, Despite Dismal Player Reviews

Adrian Werner, 22 November 2021, 10:33

Battlefield 2042 was the biggest bestseller on Steam last week. And that's despite terrible player ratings - it's currently one of the ten worst rated games on Valve's store.

Battlefield 2042 With Abysmal Player Ratings on Steam

Adrian Werner, 20 November 2021, 18:43

The launch of Battlefield 2042 on Steam was not a successful one. The game achieves good activity results, but collects terrible ratings from the users.

Battlefield 2042 Devs in Trouble; EA DICE Taking Flak From Employees

hexx0, 20 November 2021, 18:40

Former and current EA DICE employees regularly describe conditions within the company. Their testimonies go some way to explaining the poor technical condition and flaws in the mechanics of Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Taking Flak; Players are Merciless in Pointing Out Issues

mokosh, 19 November 2021, 14:36

A player has created a subjective list on Reddit of issues that plague Battlefield 2042. It includes not only technical flaws, and the vast majority of the listed issues relate to gameplay mechanics.

Battlefield 2042 Launch and Day One Patch

Adrian Werner, 19 November 2021, 11:31

Battlefield 2042, the latest installment of the popular series from DICE, has officially launched. Alongside the game, the devs released the first patch.

Battlefield 2042 Stickers in CS:GO; Surprising Collaboration Between Valve and EA

Qskan, 18 November 2021, 16:02

A day before the official release of Battlefield 2042, we learned of a collaboration between Valve and DICE. Stickers advertising the latest installment of Battlefield will appear in CS:GO.

Bugged Hitboxes and Useless Attachments; Battlefield 2042's Flawed Shooting

Przemyslaw Dygas, 17 November 2021, 11:50

Information about further problems of Battlefield 2042 appears in the web, and many of them concern the shooting model.

Battlefield 2042 Demolished in User Reviews

Adrian Werner, 15 November 2021, 11:39

Battlefield 2042 is taking a severe beating from gamers. User ratings on Metacritic are abysmal across all hardware platforms.

Battlefield 2042 and Forza Horizon 5 Outclass Competition on Steam

Adrian Werner, 15 November 2021, 11:15

Last week on Steam was dominated by Battlefield 2042 and Forza Horizon 5. The game left the competition in the dust in terms of sales.

Battlefield 2042 in Trouble - Aim Assist Not Working in Console Versions

Adrian Werner, 14 November 2021, 20:36

Those who played Battlefield 2042 prior to its release have reported that the aim assist option doesn't work at all in the console versions.

BF2042 Like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Stunning in 4K

hexx0, 12 November 2021, 18:54

New 4K gameplays from Battlefield 2042, debuting next week, have surfaced online. The Portal mode matches, played on classic maps such as Arica Harbor from Bad Company 2 and Noshahr Canals from BF3, have especially caught the community's attention.

Battlefield 2042 Early Access Now Available; List of Known Bugs

AlexB, 12 November 2021, 16:04

Ultimate and Gold Edition owners can now enjoy access to Battlefield 2042. 10-hour trial for EA Play subscribers has also started. On this occasion, DICE and EA published a list of notable bugs appearing in the current version of the game.

Battlefield 2042 Reviews - No Disappointment

mokosh, 11 November 2021, 18:52

Today, the first reviews of the upcoming Battlefield 2042 flooded the web. The game is received very positively, and many reviewers appreciate the nostalgia that one of the modes brings to the game.

Battlefield 2042 Early Access Launch Time Revealed

Pawel Musiolik, 11 November 2021, 14:47

Battlefield 2042 early access launch times have been announced and owners of the Gold and Ultimate editions will be able to enjoy the game in just a few hours.

Battlefield Portal - EA Releases Experience Builder

Maycuzai, 10 November 2021, 22:33

EA has released the browser-based Portal Mode Experience Builder for Battlefield 2042. Anyone interested can now create their own scenarios.

Battlefield 2042 Could Launch With Only 22 Weapons

hexx0, 08 November 2021, 14:13

Due to a strange bug, one Reddit user may have already played Battlefield 2042. According to the information he revealed, there may only be 22 weapons available in the game on launch day.

F2P Battlefield May be Created, But For Now BF 2042 has Priority

Pawel Musiolik, 06 November 2021, 18:33

Electronic Arts does not exclude the creation of a F2P Battlefield game. At this point, however, the priority is the release of Battlefield 2042, and then Battlefield Mobile.

EA Boasts of Financial Success and Battlefield 2042 Test Results

Adrian Werner, 04 November 2021, 15:47

Electronic Arts reports financial success and impressive popularity of Battlefield 2042's open beta.

Wealth of Options Available in Battlefield Portal

Entelarmer, 04 November 2021, 10:45

Gameplay, classes, specialists, maps - these are just some of the elements that can be freely modified in Battlefield Portal.

Classic Battlefield Maps on New Battlefield Portal Trailer

Agnieszka Adamus, 03 November 2021, 17:30

Electronic Arts have released a new trailer for Battlefield 2042, focusing on the Portal mode and providing a brief glimpse at classic maps from previous installments.

Battlefield 2042 on PC More Beautiful Thanks Nvidia's Options; Consoles Without 120 FPS at Launch

Maycuzai, 02 November 2021, 20:59

Battlefield 2042 on PC will debut with support for ray tracing, Nvidia DLSS and Nvidia Reflex. The 120 fps mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles will probably not appear in the near future - the developers explain why.

DICE Unveiled Three More Maps for Battlefield 2042

AlexB, 29 October 2021, 16:38

A new trailer for Battlefield 2042 has been released, offering a first look at the three new maps that will appear in the game - Renewal, Breakaway and Discarded.

Battlefield 2042 With Unusual Marketing; Microsoft Announces Fictional Xbox 2042

Agnieszka Adamus, 27 October 2021, 21:31

Microsoft has announced the Xbox 2042, a device that is supposed to revolutionize the gaming industry. There's only one problem - the device is a fake, used to advertise Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 on New Trailer

Entelarmer, 25 October 2021, 19:21

A new trailer for Battlefield 2042 features frantic action, enthusiasm of combatants, and celebrity guest appearances.

Battlefield 2042 - DICE Reveals All Specialists and Further Improvements

Qskan, 21 October 2021, 19:58

Today, Electronic Arts shared more information on Battlefield 2042, including the addition of five new Specialists. The developers also announced what will be improved compared to the beta.

Hazard Zone - DICE Unveils Battlefield 2042's New Gameplay Mode

DM, 14 October 2021, 20:06

Battlefield 2042's Hazard Zone mode is not another battle royale, but a new mode for teams who prefer a bit more tactical gameplay. This mix of PvP and PvE resembles solutions from Ubisoft's games.

Specialists Better Than Classes in Battlefield 2042? Devs Ask for Player Opinion

AlexB, 14 October 2021, 13:45

Selected participants of Battlefield 2042's open beta received an email with survey on the game's current condition. The survey asks questions such as whether players like the new Specialist system or prefer the proven soldier classes.