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Star Citizen news and interesting facts

World's Most Expensive Game Free to Play for Next 10 Days

Aquma, 16 February 2021, 13:28

Cloud Imperium Games announced that for the next ten days - until February 25 - we will be able to play Star Citizen for free. As part of the trial, we can fly six ships and check out some gameplay elements.

Star Citizen Breaks New Fundraising Records Fuelled by Player Hope

Sodar, 05 January 2021, 18:58

Although Cyberpunk 2077 surprised many players with the number of bugs, it remains in the shadow of the „master” in terms of development time and condition - Star Citizen. The latter, although still in alpha phase, is raising more and more funds.

Squadron 42 Will be a Polished Game; Chris Roberts Points to Cyberpunk 2077

Aquma, 28 December 2020, 10:30

The developers of Squadron 42 informed that for the time being they are unable to determine even an approximate release date. The project will appear when it is ready. The community will be able to follow the progress with a new tool that has been made available by Cloud Imperium Games.

Star Citizen Assault on Stanton Introduces First Big Battle to the Game [Updated]

Aquma, 22 December 2020, 12:15

Developers from the Cloud Empire Games have announced that this week Star Citizen will host the Assault on Stanton event, where pilots will be able to take part in large-scale battles against the forces of the terrorist organization XenoThreat.

Starship Exhibit in Star Citizen

AlexB, 20 November 2020, 20:23

Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950 event took place today in Star Citizen. Part of it is the so-called Free Fly, during which it is possible to test selected vessels from the game.

8 Years of Star Citizen Development Bloopers Summarized

Sodar, 12 October 2020, 18:26

A fan-made video, created to celebrate the anniversary of works on Star Citizen, has been released. This is a parody of the trailer for the 3.11 High Impact update, which was released on [error: disconnected].

The Launch of Squadron 42 is Still Light-years Away

Pawel Musiolik, 10 October 2020, 21:59

We shouldn't expect Squadron 42 making its debut anytime soon. In a recent Q&A session Chris Roberts revealed that the development process will continue. No one wants to release a half-finished product.

Star Citizen Available for Free Until September 23

Pawel Musiolik, 14 September 2020, 16:09

Star Citizen has been made available for free. This time, we will be able check out the content of the game at no cost until September 23.

Star Citizen - Fans are Irritated by Lack of Promised News on Squadron 42

Aquma, 28 July 2020, 14:04

Some fans of Star Citizen and Squadron 42 decided to point out insufficient communication about the progress of the latter. This March, the developers promised that they would provide this type of news much more often than before, but unfortunately this promise was not kept.

Star Citizen is One of the Most Expensive Games in History; $300 Million Raised

Froozyy, 14 June 2020, 22:47

Over $300 million has already been raised for the space simulator Star Citizen. This makes the game one of the most expensive titles in the history of video games.

Star Citizen - Over a Week of Playing For Free

Froozyy, 23 May 2020, 16:21

As part of the Invictus Launch Week event, the players can play for more than a week in the space simulator of Cloud Imperium Games - Star Citizen. Various ships will be at their disposal. New update, numbered 3.9.1 has also been released.

Star Citizen 3.9 - New Update Adds Prison

Aquma, 30 April 2020, 12:58

The latest update to the space simulator Star Citizen - Alpha 3.9: Locked Up and Loaded - adds a prison to the game. Players can also get a new ship, complete another mission and enjoy a number of improvements related to i.e. the interface.

Official Models of Star Citizen Ships Cost Around 100 Pounds

Froozyy, 10 March 2020, 13:04

You can buy official replicas of vehicles and ships from the onlin space simulator Star Citizen. Their prices, excluding tax and shipping costs, range from £55 to £125. As many as three of the four presented replicas were produced in a limited number of 500 copies.

Star Citizen Devs Have Finished Two-year Court Battle With Crytek

Froozyy, 21 February 2020, 21:50

Over two-year litigation between the devs of Star Citizen and Crytek has just come to an end. Both sides have reached an agreement, although we don't know the details.

The Star Cast of Squadron 42 - Comparison of Actors and Their Digital Counterparts

aadamus, 10 February 2020, 23:53

Fab group Star Citizen France released a video presenting the cast of Squadron 42. In the 6-minute video we see a comparison of the actors to the characters they play. The cast includes Henry Cavill, Gary Oldman and Gillian Anderson.

Star Citizen Beats Fundraising Record in December

AS, 28 December 2019, 22:17

Star Citizen has crossed another threshold and raised 10 million dollars in December, thus breaking its own record from November. This is the highest number of funds spent by players on the project's development in a single month in its entire history.

Star Citizen - Watch the Beautiful Visual Teaser of Squadron 42

qjin, 26 December 2019, 14:29

Cloud Imperium Games has published a new trailer for Squadron 42, the standalone story mode for Star Citizen, to celebrate the holiday season. It focuses on presenting the game's impressive visuals.

Star Citizen - Financial Year 2018 With Record Revenue

Adrian Werner, 22 December 2019, 15:17

Cloud Imperium Games published a report that reveals that the 2018 financial year was a record year for Star Citizen. The game earned $48.9 million in revenue. An increase was recorded in all categories, including crowdfunding contributions from players. The game also received the Alpha 3.8.0 update.

Star Citizen Raised Over Quarter Billion Dollars

Aquma, 02 December 2019, 10:23

Developers at Cloud Imperium Games have reasons to be satisfied. Over 250 million dollars has already been raised for Star Citizen through crowdfunding.

Star Citizen's Gameplay Shows New Planet and Planetary System

Froozyy, 24 November 2019, 23:25

Gameplay from the space simulator Star Citizen presented at this year's CitizenCon revealed a lot of new content to be released in the near future. A new planet and a journey through a wormhole to a new planetary system were shown, among other things.

We'll Get Another Chance to Check Out Star Citizen for Free

Aquma, 22 November 2019, 12:03

Cloud Imperium Games has provided a range of information on the space sim Star Citizen. Players will soon be able to check out all available ships for free. Additionally, a Welcome Hub will appear in the game, where we will find tutorials and... live guides.

Free Week Launches in Star Citizen

Frozen, 29 October 2019, 14:26

Until the end of the week, players can test the space simulator Star Citizen by Chris Roberts and the Cloud Empire Games team for free. On the occasion of the launch of the Alpha 3.7 patch, the studio also prepared special discounts on starter packs.

Star Citizen Raises $239 Million; New Video From Alpha 3.8

Adrian Werner, 26 October 2019, 23:26

The devs of Star Citizen have already raised more than 239 million dollars for the project. The creators also released a video showing some elements of the upcoming Alpha 3.8 update, including space station foof court and changes to ship interface.

Star Citizen Gains Ship Rental and Cave Exploration

Serek, 12 October 2019, 22:31

There's a new trailer on the web, showing the latest new features in Star Citizen. Patch 3.7 introduces ship rental and the ability explore caves on foot and extract their resources. Of course, that's not all.

Most Expensive Starship in Star Citizen Sold Within Seconds

Serek, 28 September 2019, 20:27

German website GameStar reports that the most expensive spacecraft in the history of Star Citizen was sold withing just a few seconds after it appeared in the store. The item was bought for $1130.