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Dying Light 2 Guide by

Dying Light 2 Guide

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Dying Light 2 - Garrison - Activities
Dying Light 2 - Garrison - Activities
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Dying Light 2: Garrison - map Dying Light 2 Guide, Walkthrough

This page of the Dying Light 2 guide contains a map of the Garrison district. We have described what activities are there, how many safe zones you will find and if there is a fast travel point in the area.

Last update: 11 February 2022

On this page of the Dying Light 2 guide, you can find a map of the Garrison district. We supply the locations of the activities found in this zone, their level requirements, and rewards stemming from them.

Basic information

  1. Garrison can be found in the second part of the map. You can get to this place after completing the story mission - A Place to Call Home ;
  2. The recommended hero experience level for this district is 3-4;
  3. The remaining districts from the second part of the map can be freely accessed without any restrictions;
  4. You can travel to the first part of the map using fast travel.

Safe Zones

There are 6 safe zones in the Garrison district. They allow you to hide from zombies and pass the night safely. You can often find collectibles in these zones.


There is no Seats in this part of the map. In hubs you will find your allies. You can spend time there and receive story and side quests.


There are 5 settlements in the Garrison district. You unlock them when you take over a district, e.g. by unlocking windmills or completing main missions. Settlements belong to the faction to which the entire district belongs. You can make the choice who to give the area to by taking over water towers and electrical stations. In the settlements you will find characters that will give you side missions.

Forsaken Stores

In this part of the map you will find 3 Forsaken Stores These are places where you can find many crafting reagents. It is best to go to these places at night when the most dangerous zombies leave buildings and infest the streets.

Dark Hollow

In this district, you will find 5 Dark Hollow areas. There is many valuable loot left in these places. This is a great way to get rich . It is best to go to these places at night when the most dangerous zombies leave buildings and infest the streets.

Evacuation convoys

Evacuation convoys are perfect places to explore. There you will find valuables, crafting parts and clothing. You will find 4 such convoys in the Garrison district.

Military convoys

Evacuation Convoys are the perfect places to visit when you're looking to develop your character, as they store weapons, clothes and accessories. You'll save up on items that otherwise would had to be bought at a trader. In the Garrison district you will find 1 such location.

GRE Quarantine Buildings

There are no such side activities in this district.

GRE anomalies

The GRE CA-55 anomaly is in the center part of Garrison, and the GRE C-A-78 anomaly is in the northwest. For each of these side activities, you will earn: 3,000 Combat XP and 2 Inhibitors.


In this district you will find 3 windmills - Teak, Juniper, Hickory. A detailed description of these windmills can be found on a separate page of the guide.

Bandit camps

In the western part of Garrison, you will find Garrison Heights camp. For completing this side activity, you will receive: 3,750 Combat XP, 1,250 Parkour XP, Motorhead weapon - the legendary two-handed mace.

Air Drops

There are 3 air drops in this district. They will grant you 900 XP / 2500 Parkour XP, Inhibitors, and Military Tech.

Water towers

There are no such side activities in this district.

Electric stations

Electric stations change the city structure and supply electricity. Thanks to their activation, you will get not only a safe zone, but also an upgrade from the selected faction. You will find there 1 location of this type, in the southern part of the district.

Metro stations

VNC Tower Metro Station is located right next to the tallest building in the game world - the VNC Tower.

Radio towers

Radio towers track GRE Crates. In this district, you will find the first of them on the VNC Tower. You'll get there by completing the Broadcast mission.

Parkour challenges

In Garrison, there is 1 parkour challenge - Nightrunner Trial 3.

Combat challenges

There are no such side activities in this district.

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