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Dying Light 2 Guide

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Dying Light 2: Scripted scenes bug Dying Light 2 Guide, Walkthrough

This page of the Dying Light 2 game guide describes the bugs with the scripted scenes that can make it difficult to complete quests correctly.

Last update: 27 January 2022

This page of the Dying Light 2 guide focuses on the problem with scripted scenes in some quests. These bugs may make it difficult to complete a mission or, in exceptional cases, prevent you from making progress in a given quest.

Note - This bug may not appear in your game. Some bugs and issues are specific to certain game versions and particular gaming platforms. Additionally, many of these bugs should be fixed in the coming patches, released after Dying Light 2 launches.

Bug description

This bug can appear in main and side quests that feature scripted sequences - Dying Light 2: Scripted scenes bug - Common bugs and technical issues - Dying Light 2 Guide

This bug can appear in main and side quests that feature scripted sequences. The game may have problems with triggering the subsequent scripts (e.g. an NPC moving to a specific spot, enemies attacking you) or ignore them completely. This may make it difficult for you to complete a given quest. Or, in extreme cases, prevent you from completing the mission.

A good example of where this bug may occur is the Snipers' Alley side quest. During this mission, Aiden tries to find a sniper hiding on the roof of the building (picture above). If you are doing too well during the chase, you may prematurely catch up with the sniper - the game will have problems with triggering the next script.


  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the game installed to reduce the risk of this bug.
  2. Do not rush at all costs to complete objectives in those quests that have scripted events. This will reduce the chances of getting a script-related bug.
  3. If a mission gets glitched, try to back off a bit or walk around the objective marker. There is a chance that the script will load correctly. If that did not help, go to the main menu and select the option to resume the game. The world map will reload and you will return to the last checkpoint or the closest safe location.
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