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Dying Light 2 Guide

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Dying Light 2: Screen flicker bug (PS5) Dying Light 2 Guide, Walkthrough

This page of the Dying Light 2 game guide describes a bug with random black flickering of the screen in the PS5 console version.

Last update: 11 February 2022

On this page of the Dying Light 2 guide, we supplied a description of the possible screenflicker bug (so-called black flickering), which may appear while playing on PS5 consoles . We answer the question whether this problem can be solved and whether it causes the game to crash.

Note - This bug may not appear in your game. Some bugs and issues are specific to certain game versions and particular gaming platforms. Additionally, many of these bugs should be fixed in the coming patches, released after Dying Light 2 launches.

Bug description

The players of the PS5 version of Dying Light 2 report a bug that can cause screen flickering - the screen may flash black for a fraction of a second at random moments in the game. You can experience flickering in various situations - while exploring the game world, standing still, watching cutscenes or even in the menus. This issue only affects selected PS5 consoles and does not appear at all on some devices.

Two things should be noted:

  1. The flickering of the screen does not cause any additional errors , i.e. it does not cause the game to crash and doesn't lead to the appearance of any further graphic artifacts.
  2. The problem described is not a hardware problem , i.e. the problem is not with your console or TV. This is a software bug. Changing the TV or console settings, or replacing the HDMI cable will not help.

Can the problem be solved?

The problem with screen flickering does not have a solution at the moment and it remains only to wait for the next patches to the game that should solve it. However, you can try to limit the occurrence of the problem , i.e. reduce the frequency of flickering on the screen:

  1. Try playing in Performance mode. The screen should flicker less often than in the case of the other two graphics modes (Quality and Resolution).
  2. Turn off the game every 1-2 hours and then restart it. The flicker problem may worsen with prolonged sessions. Restarting the game should clear your console cache, and the flickering should appear less frequently for a while.
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