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Dying Light 2 Guide by

Dying Light 2 Guide

Table of Contents

Introduction Dying Light 2 Guide, Walkthrough

Last update: 11 May 2022

This guide to Dying Light 2 contains information about all of its most important mechanics and gameplay elements. Information from the guide will help you, first of all, to understand the main assumptions of the game. The guide also offers support in solving the most common problems that may arise during the campaign.

The first, larger chapter of the guide focuses on the basics of the game. You can find a beginner's guide and learn a lot of interesting and important information about Dying Light 2, e.g. about combat, open-world exploration, crafting, character progression and creating the best builds, visiting traders, types of monsters or how to complete the game in 100%.

Another important chapter of the guide is the FAQ, which offers answers to frequently asked questions related to more complex or not entirely clear mechanics of the game. We have divided this chapter into thematic sections dedicated to the game world, combat, exploration and the main character. On the individual pages, you can find out, among others, whether there are important choices and romances in the game, can you save the game, how to get a bow, can you repair damaged weapons, how to unlock fast travel, how to get inhibitors, where to find chamomile, how to regenerate lost health, and how to get XP and gold.

We have dedicated a chapter to the trophy guide, which contains detailed information on all available achievements and their requirements, as well as how difficult it is to unlock the platinum trophy. In addition to the achievements list, we have prepared separate descriptions for more complex trophies - Who Wants To Be a..., Can't Touch This, Night Hunter, Lightning Reflexes, Tanning Salon, Slow Poke!, Bing Bang Boom!

Our Dying Light 2 guide ends with the chapter on bugs and common technical issues (including problems with fast travel, game freezes, problems with quests and dialogues) and an appendix where you will find information,e.g. on controls, system requirements, the game's length, photo mode and the next-gen patch for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The guide for Dying Light 2 includes:

  1. Beginner's guide and descriptions of the most important gameplay mechanics: combat, stealth, exploration, crafting, character progression, optimal build, traders, types of monsters, requirements for 100% completion;
  2. FAQ with answers to frequently asked questions: important choices, in-game romances, fast travel, unlocking and using the bow, repairing damaged weapons, acquiring inhibitors, finding chamomile, healing, gaining experience points, collecting gold;
  3. The trophy guide describing all available achievements and the requirements for obtaining 100% of the them as well as unlocking the platinum trophy;
  4. The most common bugs and technical problems: problems with completing quests and missing dialogue lines, fast travel bugs, freezes or getting stuck in the campaign, etc.;
  5. Appendix: controls, system requirements, game's length, required disk space, accessibility settings, next-gen patch, game editions, photo mode.
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