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Dying Light 2 Guide

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Dying Light 2: Power plant bug Dying Light 2 Guide, Walkthrough

This page of the Dying Light 2 game guide describes a bug with non-functioning elevators in power plants - inability to take over power plants.

Last update: 15 February 2022

This page of the guide to Dying Light 2 describes a possible error related to the elevators not working at the power plant. If this bug appears, you might not be able to take over a given location. Below, we've given a few tips on how to deal with this bug, so that you can take over 100% of the power plants in the city.

Note - This bug may not appear in your game. Some bugs and issues are specific to certain game versions and particular gaming platforms. Additionally, many of these bugs should be fixed in the coming patches, released after Dying Light 2 launches.

Bug description

As a reminder, you can take over a power plant both during the main storyline and during the free exploration of the game world - Dying Light 2: Power plant bug - Common bugs and technical issues - Dying Light 2 Guide

As a reminder, you can take over a power plant both during the main storyline and during the free exploration of the game world. In both cases, you nee to turn on the power plant in order to then hand it over to one of the 2 main factions.

Due to this bug, even after all cables are properly connected at the power plant, the elevator to the control room will still not work (to "finally" turn on the plant). This may, therefore, prevent you from taking over the power plant and marking it on the world map as a completed location.


  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the game installed to reduce the risk of this bug.
  2. If you encounter this bug, try restarting the game - either by exiting to the main menu or (a better idea) by closing the game completely. Unfortunately, after resuming the game, you may have to redo all activities in the power plant (finding the entrance, pulling the cables through, opening the gates, collecting loot, etc.). However, when you try to seize the power plant again, the elevator should turn on correctly and you will be able to complete this location.
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